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Here at Best Dog Shock Collars Reviews.com, we pride ourselves in offering the most up to date reviews on the top electronic dog collars on the market. Please take a moment to read through this page if you would like to know exactly how our reviews are researched and written. You may also jump straight to our reviews by selecting the category appropriate to the type of collar you are searching for by selecting any of our categories above, or you can click straight through to our top recommended collars below.

The reviews you will find here are unique because we truly take the time to do all the research for you. We take into consideration many things before recommending or not recommending a product to our readers. We want to cut the amount of time it takes you to find the best remote collar for your budget. We also want to educate you on the appropriate training collar for your circumstance by giving you an in-depth look at the following things:

How We Choose Whether to Recommend, or Not Recommend Electronic Training Collars

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We start off with our unique research methods to find the hottest products in the Best Dog Shock Collars market. This involves a plethora of different resources. That process allows us to find the e-collars that are actually a great value, but have not been marketed correctly (meaning not easy for you to find).

We don’t want you to find the best MARKETED training collar. This is what most people will find. And often times if you purchase that product, you’ll find it doesn’t always turn out to be the best. It simply means that someone marketed their shock collar well, and they may have sold it to you on fake reviews and/or plain old false statements.

That being said, you will get HONEST reviews here. Our reviews will reveal both the good and the bad with every shock collar we write about. So how do we know what constitutes the good vs the bad?

Simple, we compile a large number of reviews from customers that have purchased the product. These customers gave feedback on their purchase, stating their level of satisfaction with the product on a scale of 0-5. Five indicates the absolute best shock collar, and recommended, zero indicates the absolute worst shock collar, therefore not recommended.

We then take the specific features of the training collar (i.e. bark collars, long range collars, remote collars, small dog collars, etc) along with the average satisfaction of the customer (i.e. 0 for REALLY low customer satisfaction all the way up to 5 for REALLY high customer satisfaction), and mix that together with the specific positives and negatives from these reviews, and we lay it out in one short, sweet and to the point article.

We reveal EXACTLY what customers liked and disliked about the training collar, and also take into consideration the price vs the benefit ratio. After considering all of these things, we then make our own recommendation and tell you exactly what it is based on.

We look at it from this perspective: “Would we personally buy this shock collar, for this price, after reading all of the customer feedback.” If our answer is yes, we will recommend. If our answer is no, we’ll point you in the direction of a training collar similar in functionality to the one that didn’t make the cut.

Simply put, you will indeed have the full picture before making a decision to spend your money. It’s called due diligence, except you can now get all that research in one place. There are many ways that you can research products on your own, however, we have found that our techniques have lead to very high customer satisfaction as we are helping you make an informed decision without wasting a lot of time.

We are taking care of the due diligence for you, which allows you to make that informed decision based on what you want from the shock collar, what people like and/or dislike about it, and the problems that people have had since they purchased. It will all be laid out for you. You will know exactly what you are getting, and it will be as if you had used the shock collar before.

Training Collar Reviews Summary

Here at Best Dog Shock Collars Reviews.com, we take a high level of personal pride in everything we do. From our research, to writing our reviews on the best training collars, we will always go the extra mile to ensure you have the most information we can give you.

Dog Shock Collar ImageIt’s important to know that not all shock collars are made equal. Many collars are just marketed by companies that spend a lot of money to sell products that don’t live up to their claims. Don’t be a victim to a crappy product that was just marketed very well. Get the real story behind the product before you buy. You have all the information necessary to make an informed decision right here at Best Dog Shock Collars Reviews.com.

Remember, our reviews take into consideration the price vs benefit ratio and the customer’s feedback to give you the insight into the collar you may intend on purchasing. Make an informed decision without spending more than a few minutes browsing our site. There is very easy navigation to different dog training collar categories in the navigation menu. Just pick the type of collar that best fits your needs, whether it be containment systems, bark collars, or standard training collars.

All the tedious research work has been done for you. Take advantage of it and feel free to ask any questions you may have. We update this site daily, so be sure to let us know if you are looking for information on a particular shock collar that we have not yet reviewed. Otherwise, all you have to do is select your best dog shock collars and start training your dog in a safe and effective manner.