Stop Dogs Barking

Stop a Dog Barking next door is not that hard… Neighbourhood Barking dog problems are the most significant cause of noise complaint. This cleverly disguised unit is great at distracting the dogs with a slightly annoying nose so that it is not worth barking (unless it is a very significant reason to bark)

It’s discreet.
This unit it has proven to be very effective in keeping a neighbours dog from barking. Often we find that people want a more discreet way of stopping a neighbours dog from barking.
They may have already approached the neighbour with a request about the barking noise or even made a complaint to the shire.
Who will benefit from the neibourhood bark unit?
Each person is affected by barking noise differently, some people find it extremely annoying yet others may not even notice the same dog barking next door. People who find that the dogs next door are very annoying the owners are not willing or unaware that the dogs are causing an issue.

How do you position the barking Dog Device?
Use this unit to aim it where a dog is located – it is kinda like having a meg-phone and aiming in a direction, when it detects the noise of a barking dog it is hen like putting the microphone in front of the speaker and getting that ultrasonic annoying feedback to distract and stop the neighbours dog barking.