Matthew Phillips

Lenny Scardino

So you want to put a shock collar on your dog eh? Think twice:
Testing dog shock collars on young humans

Leigh Erskine

This is hilarious… and I think should be a mandatory aspect of people
purchasing these for training purposes. via +Ryan Block

Rodney Salomon

Sandy Dabu

People and their curiousity ……..

Diego Lindner

probando collar para perro

Carlos Hernandez

Rupesh Nandy

This is wrong on so many levels. We’ve seen what happens when a drunk adult
gets shocked by a bark collar. Now here’s a compilation of apparently sober
youngsters shocking themselves and each other.

Alisio Meneses

Humanos usando coleira canina que dá choque.
Testing dog shock collars on young humans


yeaaaaaa those don’t seem real humane


What our you guys doing, you don’t put it on your adams apple, but to the
right or left side of your neck on the large muscle. You want the jolt to
go into a muscle to get the full effect. Also use the ones that have a
remote to them and quick fidgeting around with it. You all look like like
cats on a hot tin roof, man up!


5000 volts? o.O


So people take them of in record time because of the pain, but put them on
their dogs? Inhumane…


OMG LOL 1:30 is the best part BWAHAHAHAHAHA !!!


There’s an S&M fetish for just about everything these days.


Honestly I know the difference between your and you’re but nobody has to
know English perfectly as not all are born in a country where English is
their native language ! So please use YOUR brain before saying things like
this as I’m sure you are not able to speak my native language as well as I
do and neither I speak yours better than you !

Harley Summit

These clips are funny :) As for the page i found this video on, good lord
get a life. Some of us need to work and live where relentless dog barking
is not permitted. To all of you burning you’re dogs neck with cheap ass
gear, you shouldn’t have the dog in the first place then. Over fanatical
pet lovers really need to get there head adjusted, you can love you’re
pooch too and be normal doing it!


Dogs love unconditionally and don’t judge others just because they are
different. A dog that is aggressive is either bred for this purpose and/or
was treated inhumanely by humans. Humans on the other hand, shoot, stab,
bomb, beat, rape, torture each other and other living things for a huge
number of reasons (mostly due to homophobia, rasicm and/or religion or all
of the above. Now tell me again which creature has no soul?


😀 what do we learn? Use a fu….ng wood or plastic fence, and teach them
to be quiet, This so human devices are shit and are for torture uses for
what we appreciated.


I love how stupid people can be.. but I bet they still don’t learn to not
put it on their dogs

Eric Moreland

The bark is worse than the bite?

Klutzy Mutt

People commenting saying ” they have fur so it doesn’t hurt as much!”…
Thats what the contact points are for, so it can touch skin. It is on
skin… And God forbid you have to SPEND TIME with your dog to teach a
desired behavior and not just slap on a shock or prong. 

S.L. Presley

Blonde girl. I wish they made a shock collar for fat people, so everytime
you open your hole you would be in serious pain. Its not funny, your not
funny, I pray someone who knows you would have the courage to take your dog

Nikki Williamson

Ridiculous. Any good collar has adjustable levels. These people are trying
the highest level. You’re supposed to use the lowest level the dog
feels….not a level meant for a pony.


That blonde bitch realized how her dog felt.Fucking asshole mistreating her

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