Training Your Dog With Your New Electronic Collar

Steadying/Steadiness for a labrador retriever, a golden retriever, a hunting dog, gun dog, or duck dog using the electric collar (e collar, shock collar, remote trainer, electronic collar) with an extremely gentle approach using the “soft collar” by Bill Hillmann. This is an overview of what is shown in a complete way in a DVD that Bill has made available at He refers to the method as “Traffic Cop.” The chapters in the dog training video are:
1. Training level before you start traffic cop.
2. Learning traffic cop as a puppy
3. The three levels of traffic cop with an adult dog.

If you’re looking for a training program where your puppy will learn by way of reinforcement versus punishment and where your puppy will advance much faster than other training programs that wait until the age of 6 months to begin, then this DVD is for you.

Why are we spending so much time on how to steady a lab or how to steady a golden retriever? So that later on, down the road, we can take all of the emphasis off of the SIT command and onto the mark. Because in the end what we want is a great marking dog. And that’s what this is all about. Learning to SIT goes in increments (SIT with distractions) and once that is TOTALLY embedded in the dog’s brain, then you can begin the task you’re really after, the thing you really want – – – to have a great marking dog.
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